Anterior Hip Replacement

If you have been diagnosed with hip arthritis and have intolerable pain, you may be a candidate for a total hip arthroplasty.  Dr. Jeffers was the first in Ventura County to offer the Anterior Approach to his patients.  By replacing the hip from the front, no muscles need to be cut and patients are allowed to bend over completely at the waist immediately after surgery.  Patients often say that the initial recovery is much quicker and less painful as opposed the posterior approach.  Many are walking well the same day of surgery and some are even going home the day of surgery. 

Dr. Jeffers now uses a robot to assist with his total hip replacements.  Use of the robot allows for incredibly precise and accurate placement of the implants. This will allow your new new hip to feel essentially like your original hip was supposed to and allow you to 'forget' you had a hip replacement. 

 If you think you have hip arthritis and are interested in learning more about hip replacements, please call for an appointment. 

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